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We develop and manufacture scientific, medical and testing equipments,
working with hydromechanics of liquid gas and solid.

Company Summary
NameUniflows Co., Ltd.
Address405-3 Yamada Akiruno-city Tokyo, Japan
FoundationFebruary 1985
Company RepresentativeAkira Uchiyama, Representative Director
CapitalJPN YEN 40million
PatentsUS Pat. 4, Germany 1, Japan 4
QualificationMedical Instrument Manufacturing Permit
Class II Medical Instrument Manufacturing and Sales Permit
OthersMember Akiruno B21(Cross Industrial Association)
Products exported globally incl. US & EU
In co-research w/ National Food Research Institute
Development outsourced from Japan Food Industry Center


My name is Kakkun, the kingfisher.
I was born near the flow of Akigawa River,
in Akiruno, where the green is plenty.
Clean water is what sustains our lives.
Uniflows' products help sustain such environment
where clean water keeps flowing.