We make precision products that are easy to use.
Connecting people and nature, it is our motto at Uniflows.
All the products we produce are sustainable and friendly to the nature just by using them.
Uniflows supports the fields of medicine, science and environment from underneath.
Degassing Apparatus Series
Eliminating gaseous body in solvents and reagents to increase the precision of an analysis
Switching Valve Series
Automatically switching the multiple flow channels without contamination
Pulse Damper Series
Enabling stable analysis by absorbing pulsating flow of a pump
Micro Pump Series
For dispensing and liquid feeding of small amount of solvents and reagents. There are embedded, stand alone,
8 barreled and 96 barreled types.
Medical and Scientific Field
If an accurate measurement is possible with small amount of reagents and samples, amount of liquid to be wasted will be vastly reduced. In order to respond to such needs, we made a highly accurate micro pump. It is adopted in blood analyzer or pollution analyzer, working as the heart of the instruments.
Food Resource Recycling Field
Producing a beneficial resource from food wastes using microorganism is a field of new research. We are developing a system using micro pumps for speedy and sure analysis of food with application of our medical and scientific technologies.